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Advantages of leasing

For today leasing is one of the basic financial tools, allowing carrying out large-scale capital investments in development of material base of any manufacture. In comparison with other ways of purchase of the equipment (payment on the fact of delivery, purchase with a delay of payment, the bank credit, etc.) leasing has a number of essential advantages:

  • Leasing enables the enterprise to the tenant to expand manufacture and to adjust service of the equipment without large lumpsum expenses and necessities of attraction of extra means.
  • The problem of limitation of liquid means is softened, expenses for purchase of the equipment are in regular intervals distributed on all validity of the contract. Means for an investment in other kinds of actives are liberated.
  • The extra capital is not involved, and in balance of the enterprise the optimum parity of own and extra capitals is supported.

Rent payments are made after installation, adjustment and start-up of the equipment in operation and by that the renting enterprise has an opportunity to carry out payments from the means acting from realization of production, produced on the rented equipment.

Leasing agreements can provide obligations MMLC to make repair and technological service of the equipment. It is especially important at leasing the complex equipment demanding attraction of the highly skilled personnel for starting-up and adjustment works, repair and service. Practically on conditions of leasing it is possible to receive object "on a turn-key basis", having given realization of all formalities of the leasing company, and due to this to concentrate efforts to the decision of other questions.

Leasing allows the tenant to update morally growing old equipment periodically.

Whereas leasing payments are carried out on a fixed schedule, the enterprise-tenant has the big opportunities to coordinate expenses for financing of capital investments and receipts from realization of let out production, than it takes place, for example, at sale and purchase of the equipment. All this promotes stability of financial plans of the tenant.

Besides purchase of the equipment on leasing allows the profitable enterprises to reduce essentially taxable base by optimization of tax deductions.