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About leasing

With acceptance for last years a lot of progressive acts in the Russian Federation the situation in many spheres of economic activities has quickened, business activity of able-bodied population grows. However, adjustment of many manufactures to uninterrupted release of the qualitative goods and services is interfered by deterioration of the fixed capital. Most it is appreciable in public health services.

Deterioration of the medical equipment in the significant majority of medical institutions of the Russian Federation has reached 100,0 and more percent. In connection with insufficient financing at many medical-diagnostic establishments the basic problem is equipment the hospitals and polyclinics the modern medical-diagnostic equipment. By virtue of that the medical equipment is basically expensive, purchase by his majority of medical institutions probably only under schemes of long-term financial leasing.

Acceptance recently a change in the Russian legislation on financial rent (leasing) allows Tenant to expand the primary activity, not being afraid to buy and transfer the liquid equipment under schemes of leasing and in the budgetary organizations.

The equipment delivered on leasing to budgetary medical institutions is provided with the planned budgetary funds and legitimate Guarantees of regional authorities.  Risks of loss or destruction of the equipment are insured and place in the conducting national insurance companies. Thus, risks on not to return of target credit resources are reduced practically to zero.

Last two years of Open Society "MMLC" realizes programs of updating of Latrotechnics for hospitals and clinics in regions Russian Federations which are provided   with budgetary funds on a line "purchase of the medical equipment".

During development of programs at a level of regions the following primary goals are solved:

  • Definition of needs of establishments and the organizations of public health services in Latrotechnics,
  • Definition of participants of the program — suppliers of technics, banks, the insurance companies providing achievement of the purpose of programs at the minimal expenses of budgetary funds,
  • Definition of the scheme of financing, the sizes and means of financing, and also return of the involved means at stages of realization of programs,
  • Definition of the mechanism of realization of programs and systems of the organization of the control over its execution.

Obligatory conditions for realization of programs: the program is developed for region Russian Federation, instead of for separate managing subjects, the program affirms the joint decision of administration and a legislature of region, with a view of maintenance of payment of leasing payments full or partial commercial operation of delivered technics during term of leasing is applied, realization of programs is carried out for some stages, duration of each of which conforms all parties.

Thus, the Leasing Company is enough "the universal tool", carrying out function of formal association of "fine" borrowers; great volume suffices for creation of an investment package on each region. At the same time the projects included in such investment package, meet all standard requirements of the creditor or the investor to the project (a reflexivity, a recoupment, profitableness, etc.) and to the borrower — purchased for leasing with support of the credit the equipment is on balance of the borrower — MMLC and can be an additional subject of a pledge for the creditor or the investor, all equipment is insured against all risks of his loss and destruction for all term of leasing. For the Leasing company and the creditor (investor) Guarantees (guarantee) of regional authorities on performance of obligations under contracts of leasing are given.